Por si alguien tiene curiosidad por saber los temas técnicos del corto, copio parte del mail que les he enviado al laboratorio francés con el que vamos a trabajar…

Here you are all the info about my short film:
Original Title: Nitbus
Format: 35mm. 1:1,85 ratio
Director: Juanjo Giménez
Cinematographer: Javier Arrontes
Production Company: Salto de Eje SL

We would go via your «Filière traditionelle 35mm.»
-Développement du negatif (Kodak Vision2 500T): I will send to you 832m. for developing. (1.198 meters was the total amount shot, but I can exclude directly 3 cans, 366m. of pre-discarded takes). Please notice that we shot pushing the negative 1 stop, as if it was 800 ASA. I will send also the camera report with technical notes, meters shot, etc.
-Télécinéma des rushes: DVCam format is the preferred one for us.
-Montage: We’ll edit the film, and afterwards we’ll give you the DVCam tape (or Beta SP if you prefer it) and EDLs you may need in order to conform the negative. I estimate the number of cuts between 12 to 15, but this can vary in the final editing. The final length would be about 8 min (220m.) excluding the credits.
-Ajout FX: In the final editing you’ll notice that I will use twice 80m. of the same negative rushes, so I’m afraid we’ll need an internegative for this. Also we would need 25m. of negative re-used again, but this time in reverse motion. I think that this can be done reversing the film footage when editing the negative, please correct me if I’m wrong.
-Génériques: About 1′ 15» (1800 frames). 30 seconds at the beginning before the first image and 45 seconds at the end after the last one. Originally produced in computer animation TIFF or TGA sequence. Resolution will be 2K (1828×988 square pixels, ratio 1:1,85)
-Son: Dolby SR. We can deliver the sound already filmed here in Barcelona, ready for developing. I think that we would need one silent draft print (Copie Broullion) for the sound synchro before deliver the sound negative to you.
-Etalonnage and 35mm prints: It is our intention to print the film directly to Black & White emulsion. We would like to know if this is possible in your laboratory, since Katia told me that you don’t work in B&W anymore. All the lights and the whole production was set keeping in mind that the final product should be Black & White prints. We would like to test printing from the original colour negative into the intermediate material «EASTMAN High Contrast Panchromatic Film 5369». Please let me know…
It would be great if you can estimate the budget for a work like the described above.
Très cordialement,